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A Computer Aided Design program might be a solution to all your design woes 14 years 4 months ago #42

  • magus
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A C omputer A ided D esign program might be a solution to all your design woes, but then maybe not, if you don't have the fortirude and stamina to go theough with a steep learning cueve. Once the basics are learned such as how to plot points and some understanding of polygon shapes, one can layout any hull and shaping it toones specs. With 3D capability, complete visualizations of a design can be rendered from skeleton to a finished and trxturized model. All this before you pick up a chisel and dig into that precious grain of wood.
[html]<a href="alex.jumpers-inn.de/Pirates/Hulltutorial/Hulltutorial.html" target="_blank">alex.jumpers-inn.de/Pirates/Hulltutorial...es/thumbs/xliv44.jpg" border="0">[/html]

There are many CAD programs on the market and varying features, but common in that they allow a complete representation to be visualized.
[html]<a href="alex.jumpers-inn.de/Pirates/Hulltutorial/Hulltutorial.html" target="_blank">alex.jumpers-inn.de/Pirates/Hulltutorial...humbs/mainframe4.jpg" border="0">[/html]

In  [html]<a href="alex.jumpers-inn.de/Pirates/Hulltutorial/Hulltutorial.html" target="_blank">How to build a ship hull in Maya[/html], a tutorial on hull building is ifor a CAD program named Maya but it explains how to model a ship hull, and the process is the same in any program...effectively "tracing" the image in increments decided by the side view on your plan
[html]<a href="alex.jumpers-inn.de/Pirates/Hulltutorial/Hulltutorial.html" target="_blank">alex.jumpers-inn.de/Pirates/Hulltutorial...mbs/hullmirrored.jpg" border="0">[/html]

In our Downloads is a Freeware CAD program which rivals many commercial products and is available to Members for download.
[html]<a href="alex.jumpers-inn.de/Pirates/Hulltutorial/Hulltutorial.html" target="_blank">alex.jumpers-inn.de/Pirates/Hulltutorial...bs/hullshapehalf.jpg" border="0">[/html]

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