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2008 Shenzhen International Aviation,Ship,Vehicles Model Exhibition 13 years 10 months ago #87

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"Announcing the 2008 Shenzhen International Aviation,Ship,Vehicles Model Exhibition"
May !st through May 3rd 2008

Our countries model movement started in the 40's, Since the reform and opening policy, a massavive navigation model movement is developing vigorously, this high standard event has spread all over our country. Confucius said: “The ancient scholars have, this scholar of the people.” This means that those who study the past to learn their interests, ideals and pursuits; The present study is for others who, for the family, for parents, for the community. This will depend on the superior geopolitical environment of Shenzhen and Hong Kong and a huge market space. We will carry out conscientiously the promotion and organizational work of the exhibition, and do a good job in the procurement invitation work, building the exhibition to the greatest authority of a models exhibition in the South China region .

The 1st Shenzhen international model exposition was held on the 1st Nov 2007 this last year. We held the first Shenzhen International Aviation,Ship,Vehicles Model Exhibition. What follows is a review and some photographs from the 2007 exhibition
Organization and promotion
The organizing committee set up a 20-strong customer service department, specifically for the procurement of the invitation.
Buyers invitation

- Model wholesalers, traders, dealers, agents, model enthusiasts, giant retailers, import and export companies, aviation clubs, sailing clubs and other related companies will be invited to visit ;

- Toys, gifts wholesalers, traders, distributors, agents, various large supermarkets;
Buyers invitation Range

North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and China cities
Exhibition Range

- Aviation model : airplanes model ,helicopter model, battleplan model, airship model, flying saucer model

- Ship models : steamship model , warship model, yacht model, marineship model

- Vehicle model : car model,motorcycle model ,train model , simulation car model ,and other car model

- Military models : firearms model, troops model ,tank model and other model

- Model supplies : remote control equipment, Gyroscopes , Servo Actuator, Battery , Chargers , remote control equipment annex, aircraft accessories, Ship model accessories , Truck accessories , Other models Supplies, model carve machine, incision machine etc.

Models can have a lifetime interest in people hobbies, this is not an exaggeration, especially for those who are really in terms of temperament friends. Model products in the areas of knowledge are of a very broad level, and can be said to include all aspects of the natural world, such as: materials, electronics, machinery, energy, chemical, biological and so on, all the latest scientific and technological achievements have the opportunity to model for the area, conversely, all models in the field of science test results, and can be applied to every aspect of people’s daily life. Model movement, being not just pure fun, it also has practical significance, or even human society may change the future state of survival. Model Campaign, is not just a sport, it is all the more an intellectual movement and inspires people, especially young people, for the love of science and technology, empowering people to imagine space and the dynamic pursuit of the ideal dream. Learning is a lifetime thing, it could be a model for life-loving things, the two aspects are linked together over a life of happiness.

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