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Views of Old Essex Shipyards 14 years 5 months ago #26

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Views of Old Essex
a collection of photographs by Elliott Hardy and E. J. Story

These all pop into a new window and then can be closed or continue to visit the site they link too.

shipyard - A. D. Story[html]<a href="www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/ehardy/eh019.html" target="_blank">19, www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/ehardy/eh023.html" target="_blank">23, www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/ehardy/eh024.html" target="_blank">24, www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/ehardy/eh036.html" target="_blank">36, www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/ehardy/eh038.html" target="_blank">38[/html]

shipyard - James & Tarr    [html]<a href="www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/ehardy/eh027.html" target="_blank">27, www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/ehardy/eh035.html" target="_blank">35[/html]

shipyard - Moses Adams    [html]<a href="www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/ehardy/eh032.html" target="_blank">32[/html]

shipyard - Oliver Burnham    [html]<a href="www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/ehardy/eh035.html" target="_blank">35[/html]

shipyard - Oxner & Story    [html]<a href="www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/eh020.html" target="_blank">20[/html]

shipyard - Lantz yard    [html]<a href="www.rootsweb.com/~macessex/eh023.html" target="_blank">23[/html]

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