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Nautical and Maritime Paintings and works of art
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3 Sisters, Stain Glass,Lighthouse,Cape Cod
by lescap
12 years 9 months ago
Nautical and Maritime Photography and Graphic Arts.
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naval-technology.com Gallery of submarines
by oliveira
13 years 5 months ago
Nautical and Maritime related collectibles, replicas and decor items.
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General discussions of Ship Models and HalfHulls. Topics include the rich history of the model makers contribution to the ship building industry.
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WoodenBoat School
by magus
10 years 4 months ago

Researching details and preplanning. Questions and helpful information in researching details for a project you are planning or are working on.
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Researching History USS Albacore
by magus
11 years 5 months ago

Building Ship Models and HalfHulls How do I... Where to find materials... Shaping, surfacing, and finishing details.
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Wood for Backboard
by 086810
11 years 11 months ago

The term sailboat has a broad meaning generally including yachts, (large sailboats) and smaller vessels of many configurations, Sloop, Cutters, Catboats, Ketch, Yawl, which use wind as the primary means of propulsion. Some of the variations other than size are: hull configuration (monohull, catamaran, trimaran), keel type (full, fin, wing, centerboard etc.), purpose (sport, racing, cruising), number and configuration of masts, and the sail plan. Some of the terms have had various meanings through history, but now have a specific meaning in the parlance of modern yachting. Sailing ships and yachts; each of these terms generally describes a larger vessel than a sailboat; however, the distinctions are blurred and the definitions vary by region and culture. At the smaller end, the distinction among sailboards, windsurfing, and dinghies can be vague.
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Are you thinking of getting a half model of your boat?
by oliveira
13 years 5 months ago

Any vessel equipped with some type of power generated mechanical propulsion. Steam and internal combustion are major types.
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Submarine models r.c. construction...
by oliveira
13 years 5 months ago

Anyone building a Half Hull or Ship Model, whether it be a full scale replica or any scale thereof or no scale at all(an eyeballer.) Kit bashers and builders welcome too. Talk about it here and post your photographs and update your progress as often as you like..
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A general discussion area, Does not have to be about Ship Modeling or Half Hulls
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Ice-cream stick ship sails for England
by Scotsman
13 years 7 months ago